It's our bread and butter.

CrossFit group classes are the core of our affiliates. We offer up to ten group classes throughout the day. 

Our WOD (workout of the day) is the main body of work to be completed during a CrossFit class. The WODs can be scaled and modified to each athlete’s level. They are designed to increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains while improving CrossFit’s 10 general skills: Cardio-respiratory endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Accuracy.

Each class includes a general warm up, movement instruction, scaling options, cool down and/or some accessory work. We focus on high quality instruction. Our coaches are prepared to help you with any aspect of the workout.

You don’t have to sign up for a class, just make sure to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts to check in. We don’t cap our class sizes either. Depending on the day/time, class sizes can vary from 5 to 25 people.