CrossFit Open 2020

Ahead of the Open, CrossFit Fairfax members shared on social media why they signed up; reasons included pushing their limits, to eating awesome food, because they’ll be there anyways, and to beat the girls/boys. Ultimately, it is a great chance to see where you measure up in your performance and to push yourself. Maybe there’s an element of “embracing the suck” when it comes to the Open (no one likes burpees!), but there’s nothing more rewarding than hitting some PRs. Members used the Open as a chance to learn new movements such as dumbbell thrusters, turn a 1 Rep Max into a 10 Rep Max, and fuel to get their first muscle ups.

We also HAD A BLAST! Members came out to Friday Night Lights with delicious treats and dressed up to match the theme. The early morning classes outshone everyone with “Friday Morning Lights” – the first week they brought in 3 pounds of bacon. 3 POUNDS OF BACON!!! And it only went up from there! Check out all the fun Halloween costumes:

The boys won overall (booo!). This year, the gym also awarded  “Fire in the Gut” and “Spirit of the Open” each week. Here are all the winners:

Fire in the Gut Spirit of the Open
20.1 Matt Harris Ted and Jess Worden
20.2 Jeff Crider Favi Veizaga
20.3 Will Kim Kelly Takacs
20.4 Meredith Mitchell Beth Mennona
20.5 Camila Munoz Andrea Bennett

This all culminated in our annual Friendsgiving potluck and cornhole tournament. There was an absolute feast to celebrate everyone’s hard work. (Hello turkey coma!) You’d think our competitiveness would have been worn out by then…. It wasn’t. DROD and Tyler were the team to beat and won for the second year in a row.

Way to crush it everyone! Time to start practicing for next year!

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